Executive Board

Fred d'Oleire Uquillas

Fred is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Neuroscience at Princeton University. He leads the pro-bono consulting group for new ventures and manages student teams for strategy consulting projects with PUGCC partners and clients. His research focuses on large scale human brain networks and is funded by the National Science Foundation and Ford Foundation National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. His contributions have been featured in CNN, Forbes Magazine, Discovery Channel DNews, American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and the L.A. Times. In his free time, Fred enjoys cooking and learning new recipes and cuisines. He's not a very good baker, however.

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Tanner Eggert
Vice President of Strategy

Tanner was born and raised in Orlando, FL, and is a first-generation college student. He has a BS in biochemistry with a minor in mathematics from Northeastern University. While in college, he completed a 6-month internship at Moderna Therapeutics studying RNA biochemistry. He also interned at Warp Drive Bio (now owned by Revolution Medicines) studying protein-protein interactions. In addition, he has academic research experience in molecular biology and computational chemistry. At Princeton, he is a member of the Kleiner lab in the Department of Chemistry, which focuses on the study of mRNA modifications (among other things) – a field known as epitranscriptomics.
Some of Tanner's hobbies include reading nonfiction, traveling with his girlfriend and family, exercising, cooking, gardening, and investing. After he finishes his Ph.D., he wants to be a scientist or business executive in the biopharmaceutical industry or start his own company.

Noel Park
Vice President of Activities & Outreach

Noel is a PhD student in the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University. She hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and holds a BS in applied math-biology from Brown University, and a MS in biological sciences from Auburn University. At Princeton, she is investigating the spatial distribution of the metabolome in various contexts including cancer using imaging mass spectrometry. Noel loves to travel, cook, check out art galleries, and horseback ride in her free time.

Connor Dunn

Connor is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University. He graduated with a BA from Williams College where he majored in biology and psychology and concentrated in neuroscience. Through basic, translational, and clinical perspectives, he has conducted research at a plethora of institutions spanning topics in cancer, neuroscience, development, stem cells, biochemistry, and genetics. Before he arrived at Princeton, he spent two years at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute where he worked for both an academic lab and the Center for DNA Damage and Repair, an integrative research center focused on translational and clinical aspects of drug response. At Princeton, he is a member of the Boulanger Lab, where he studies neuroimmunology, specifically the role of the immune system in neural circuits and neural pathologies. He is an avid baseball fan and enjoys spending time with his dog, Bailey. 

Ke (Kevin) Xu
Case Competition Chair

Originally from Beijing China, Kevin is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton University. He received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At Princeton, Kevin’s research focuses on engineering multiphase synthetic organelle systems to control complex metabolic pathways for improved production of value-added chemicals. Kevin is currently serving as an Associate in the GradFUTURES team at Princeton to provide professional development opportunities for graduate students. In his spare time, Kevin likes fencing, skiing, and enjoying good food.

Jeffrey Lee
PUGCC Red Team Principal

Jeffrey is a fourth year PhD candidate in the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University under Dr. Donia. He has an MPH and an MEng in Energy, Environment, and Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. He was born and Holmdel, NJ and grew up mostly in Plano, Texas. His previous research topics cover norovirus pathology and the bioengineering of bacteria for neurotransmitter production. Jeffrey was also the former operations committee head for the NGO Empower Through Health initiative, currently serving populations in Uganda. His current research seeks to characterize novel peptides from the microbiome as well as bacterial proteomics. Jeffrey also is an HMEI-STEP fellow and studies antimicrobial resistance and policy approaches for facilitating antimicrobial R&D. In his free time, he likes to read, cook, and play ultimate frisbee and field hockey.



Amy Chan – former Treasurer-Secretary (*23 PhD candidate in Chemistry)

Sori Baek – former co-President (graduating PhD candidate in Psychology and Neuroscience)

Isabelle Liebler – former Vice President of Events and Outreach (graduating PhD candidate in Chemistry)

Sean King – former President (*21 PhD in Molecular Biology)

Thao Nguyen – former Vice President of Strategy (graduating PhD candidate in Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Jacob Kautzky – former Vice President of Internal Affairs (*21 PhD in Chemistry)

Chris Hale – former Secretary/Treasurer (graduating PhD candidate in Demography)

Julius Vutz – former Outreach Chair (graduating PhD candidate in Economics)

Leon Wang – former President (PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Wen Kang Chou – former Vice President of Volunteer Consulting Initiatives (PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Xuyang Lu – former Case Competition Chair (PhD in Electrical Engineering)

Koshu Takatsuji – former Recruitment Chair (PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Felicia Zhang – former Communications Chair (PhD in Psychology)